Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not-so-secret sales secret

I get so tired of people trying to sell me something. The television shows are down to 40 minutes--per-hour--with 20 minutes devoted to convincing you to buy the cure with worst side effects than your condition. Or, maybe you need to find the number that will let you sleep better.
And now it's spreading to the internet. Smaller and smaller javascript boxes inside of other popup frames figure if you linked to a page then you must want this or that product.
The one feature of all of this that so amuses me, is that these people offer money-back guarantees–with abandon.


The sales-folk found out that the average consumer is so lazy, so guilty that whether something works or not, a good majority won't bother to return the item. Once sold, it stays sold. Watch for it.

"There's one born....."

Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama. The last trick?

I'm cynical enough to believe that 'the powers that be' have already won the U.S. presidential elections. It has been much too easy for Senator Barack Obama--out of nowhere--to become the Democratic nominee.

Like a game of three-card monte, it's too good to be true.

Maybe 'the powers' are behind the historic fundraising efforts. the groundswell of support in states that make no sense. Obama's rise has been monumental. Perhaps he is the perfect candidate to insure that Republicans keep the White House.

This is America, after all. First and foremost, Obama is a Black man. And that's what the powers are counting on.

Let's hope they are surprised. I will be.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Manipulate and Control

Still wonder whether or not the public is being manipulated? Can't tell you how many television and movies scenes mysteriously disappear on a second broadcast thanks to the pc police. It's easy to notice, since they usually cut my favorite scenes.

But I thought. naively, that good music had escaped.

I have always been fascinated with good writing. Bill Withers is a prolific, astute American lyricist. He has written some of the most enduring songs that you'll never get out of your mind, "Lean on Me," Ain't no Sunsine, "Lovely Day, " are just a few.

I was most impressed with a song he wrote, called "You." Reportedly it was inspired by a torrid relationship with an estranged ex-wife. It is, probably, the most profound put down song i've ever heard. According to the internet, it doesn't exist.
When the album was re-mastered, the song was omitted. 'Poof," disappeared into thin air.

For posterity, here are the lyrics I can remember (apologies to Mr. Withers for mistakes):

You want to take me to a doctor
to tallk to me about my mind
Trying to get directions to some places
that I don't really want to find.
Troubling me and not related
to things that I might say or do
I'm really not that complicated
Your good doctor friend, he ought to talk to you.

I have a friend that knows your best friend,
He goes some places where she goes.
He said he saw y'all at a party
Stickin white powder up your nose.

Got the nerve to call me narrow minded
cause I'm not loose and indiscreet.
People lying down always get blinded
by people standing on their own to feet.

Life is just a shadow
that I just can't seem to find sometimes
You really only got two choices, you can lay down and be weak
or you can stand up where you at and still be strong

All you find out looking back
is the fact that both of us was wrong

You're talking to me crazy, but you really ain't saying a thing
You're pouring muddy water on me, trying to convince me it's rain
Now you're trying to me crazy, buy you're trying to make me seem insane

You're like a Sunday family digging animals at the zoo
But while you're looking at monkeys, monkeys looking dead at you
Two people getting done trying to figure who's doing who
If you're doing dirty people, you got to get some dirt on you
I got to take a ton of lies, just to get an ounce of truth from you
You're like a man loving Jesus, who says he can't stand a Jew

Ii ain't got time to play the dozens
Talking bout your folks from your mother to your cousins
You're head's down there
You know what I'm tallking about.

Wow! That's it folks. Now, I know I didn't make up these lyrics, and probably got some of them wrong or out of place. But somebody doesn't want this song out there. I hope it's not you, Bill. Apologies if it is.

Monday, March 17, 2008

World without closet, Amen

There's nothing left in the closet to come out, thanks to the internet. Any possible fantasy, fetish, or possible disgusting lewd act is documented 24-hours a day on the worldwide web. And the most powerful instrument of this explosion is hand-held video cameras.

Without doubt, porn is the most popular content on the net. And, as a result of competition for subscribers, now nothing is sacred.

Let me be clear, that i no way am I a prude. I've got an active sex life, a vivid imagination and am extremely visual about my own fantasies. Thanks to the net, I have seen it all, am fulfilled–without risk of disease and dishonesty. That's a good thing.

I first became aware of the massive onslaught of porn content, innocently enough while looking for visual reference for an illustration. Somehow, I stumbled across a photo of a young girl sitting on a toilet. I was astounded. And,, yes, curious. I followed the link to a whole website and competition among college girls, skirt up, jeans and panties down--sitting on the pot.

Not that I know for sure, but these seemed to be average young girls, not professionals, who saw nothing wrong with exposing some of their most private moments to the world, simply because it was caught on film. Some attempted to cover their faces.. Granted, you couldn't see their privates. So most did the grin and bare it, funny faced look.Then went on about their business.

I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking about their parents. Is this what college teen girls were doing? I decided to Google the subject,, and for the first time noticed that the engine had a search-image link. Nirvana. Surely, they had some sort of limit.

With a simple toggle of the safe-search box, I was lead into the be-all and everything out world of pornography. Wow. Does this mean I can see......? Yep. And, what about that fantasy I had about.......... Yep! Do all the search engines have the same setup? You bet.

Without going into detail, I will say that I am a regular visitor to several of these sites for my own fantasies and even for a few of those that I didn't know I had. There are so many porn sites that the community has now developed a few popular porn search engines (Find them for yourself.)

Apparently, everything out in the open, is the price of freedom.
I am concerned, however, with what to do about the empty closet.

Let those without sin cast the first stone.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Gang of Blue: Worst in America

Alright, I'll take the bullet. The largest gang in America doesn't wear red or black headbands. It doesn't require members to tattoo a tear under their eye or rants against society on their shoulders. In sum it is more powerful than all the Crips, Bloods, Street Fighters put together.

The worst gang in America wears blue. That's right, I'm talking about police--the cops, the pigs, the man. These are the very people society depends on to protect us from the vermin and predators among us. It's a disgusting, hopeless and often thankless job. But somebody has to do it.

Too often, lately, and maybe because of up close association with the underbelly of society, these protectors cross the predator line. They consider themselves above the law simply because they are charged with enforcing it. They view everybody not wearing a badge as an adversary and potential life threat.

The most recent example? A Florida paraplegic who wouldn't 'get up out of the chair,' as instructed by police. He was summarily dumped on the floor. Who would have believed it? Thank God, for video cameras.

So far, three officers have only been suspended for this depravity. Whatever the excuse, I don't want these folks–with such lack of compassion–protecting me. They should be fired, if only for poor judgment.

For you badge-bearing folks, loading your guns and looking up my address, let me say right now that this article is not about all or even most law enforcement officials. It is aimed at the few.

I have the utmost respect for the challenge that you face daily. I couldn't do it. But, let's get real. You know exactly who among you meet the description in this article. Yet, even you are intimidated by a code of silence which threatens your life if you dare to break ranks. That, in itself, is despicable.

It's long been understood that the psychology of most who succeed at the job of protect and serve develop a Wyatt Earp syndrome. That is--a wild-wild West need to tame 'the bad guys,' using any means necessary. Every cop I have known, personally has a bully mentality--a self-righteousness that points them out in any conversation or interaction.

Maybe it's time to explore alternatives as suggested in the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still," The point being that in an advanced civilization, robots enforced the law--because beings are unable to do so, fairly. Hmm.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gunshots at church, this time

A gunman and four people were killed and four others wounded December 10 in two apparently unprovoked shootings that unfolded about 12 hours and 70 miles apart at a missionary training center and a church in Colorado.
The gunman opened fire 30 minutes after a service ended and as many as 7000 people took shelter in buildings or fled as the congregation locked down.

It was unclear whether the violence at New Life was tied to an early-morning shooting at a training centre dormitory for young Christian missionaries in Arvada, a Denver suburb, that left two dead and two wounded.
In that case, a lone gunman reportedly opened fire after he was denied shelter in the dormitory.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

'Pantydates' duck guns--the main issue

So what's it going to take?

How many more people have to die by gunfire in order to get you outraged? How many mass murders have to happen before our representatives, at least, pretend to be moved and act.

Legislators have moved to make it unlawful to sponsor pranks over the internet. There is a major debate over illegal immigrants. The top idiot insists that Iran is a threat despite expert intelligence. Yet not one of these elected 'punks' dare take on the gun lobby. Especially, in an election year.

At the recent broadcast of the Republican Party debate, each of the potential 'pantydates' defended the ' absolute right" of Americans to bear arms: Their lips planted squarely on the backsides of gun lobby poo-bahs. Don't vote for one of them. Democrats don't get a pass on this. They are just as bad.

The object of government is to protect the people. Where is there a more potent issue than guns on our streets. People are dying in the streets-because of them.

Our children are getting them--with ease.
Yesterday, a depressed, hopeless 19-year-old, fired McDonald's worker walked into a mall in Omaha Nebraska and randomly opened fire on shoppers killing eight people and himself.

In April, a disturbed Virginia Tech student killed 32 people and himself.

The daily shootings in poorer neighborhoods aren't even included in the lists of mass shooting deaths. The response of choice to the smallest dispute, nowadays, is to shoot.

What is wrong with you people?