Monday, November 12, 2007

My Wedding Song

Religious people, rather, professed religious people kill me. I once lost a potential life mate (wife) after five wonderful years, simply because she didn't want our wedding march to be "You and I" by the late Rick James.
It was his first hit record. Up tempo and all, it expressed the commitment I felt was necessary for love. For the less familiar, here are the words.

You and I, we fit together like glove on hand. That's right
Dont'cha know I would gladly take you any where you wanted to go
You and me. We are as close as threepart harmony, wouldnt you agree.
If there's a chance our romance ended it would surely be the end of me

(Chorus, to be detailed below)
You and I, we'll be together til the 6 is 9
When you need me,, i never hesitate I always come, it's so much fun
Though we're poor our love had greater wealth than Hughes himself
If there's a chance there's an afterlife when we die
Hope it's with you and I

So far, so good. Agreed, some of the next phrases boast innuendo. But the problem she had with the whole thing shows up in the chorus, below.

Some people might say I'm infatuated.
I don't care, cause they really don't know
They never see or hear the things I do
So far as I'm concerned they all can go to Hell.

There it is, right there. Hell. Wishing people to Hell. She felt the church wouldn't appreciate that sentiment. Even though I was kidding about the whole idea, I thought that a church resenting Hell seemed awfully strange. Maybe, because it sounds like a curse.
I guess it's OK when they do it.

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