Monday, December 17, 2007

Gunshots at church, this time

A gunman and four people were killed and four others wounded December 10 in two apparently unprovoked shootings that unfolded about 12 hours and 70 miles apart at a missionary training center and a church in Colorado.
The gunman opened fire 30 minutes after a service ended and as many as 7000 people took shelter in buildings or fled as the congregation locked down.

It was unclear whether the violence at New Life was tied to an early-morning shooting at a training centre dormitory for young Christian missionaries in Arvada, a Denver suburb, that left two dead and two wounded.
In that case, a lone gunman reportedly opened fire after he was denied shelter in the dormitory.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

'Pantydates' duck guns--the main issue

So what's it going to take?

How many more people have to die by gunfire in order to get you outraged? How many mass murders have to happen before our representatives, at least, pretend to be moved and act.

Legislators have moved to make it unlawful to sponsor pranks over the internet. There is a major debate over illegal immigrants. The top idiot insists that Iran is a threat despite expert intelligence. Yet not one of these elected 'punks' dare take on the gun lobby. Especially, in an election year.

At the recent broadcast of the Republican Party debate, each of the potential 'pantydates' defended the ' absolute right" of Americans to bear arms: Their lips planted squarely on the backsides of gun lobby poo-bahs. Don't vote for one of them. Democrats don't get a pass on this. They are just as bad.

The object of government is to protect the people. Where is there a more potent issue than guns on our streets. People are dying in the streets-because of them.

Our children are getting them--with ease.
Yesterday, a depressed, hopeless 19-year-old, fired McDonald's worker walked into a mall in Omaha Nebraska and randomly opened fire on shoppers killing eight people and himself.

In April, a disturbed Virginia Tech student killed 32 people and himself.

The daily shootings in poorer neighborhoods aren't even included in the lists of mass shooting deaths. The response of choice to the smallest dispute, nowadays, is to shoot.

What is wrong with you people?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birds of a feather? Rudy, Kerik

Not to be Pollyanna about the idea of objective news, but does anyone still believe that we are being told the truth? Judith Regan is suing her former employer, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, for $100 million , claiming that she was asked to lie to federal investigators in order to protect the presidential ambitions of Rudolph Giuliani.

Judith Regan claims that two senior executives at News Corp encouraged her to mislead the authorities about her affair with Bernard Kerik, a close confederate of Mr Giuliani, after he was nominated to become homeland security secretary three years ago.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Wedding Song

Religious people, rather, professed religious people kill me. I once lost a potential life mate (wife) after five wonderful years, simply because she didn't want our wedding march to be "You and I" by the late Rick James.
It was his first hit record. Up tempo and all, it expressed the commitment I felt was necessary for love. For the less familiar, here are the words.

You and I, we fit together like glove on hand. That's right
Dont'cha know I would gladly take you any where you wanted to go
You and me. We are as close as threepart harmony, wouldnt you agree.
If there's a chance our romance ended it would surely be the end of me

(Chorus, to be detailed below)
You and I, we'll be together til the 6 is 9
When you need me,, i never hesitate I always come, it's so much fun
Though we're poor our love had greater wealth than Hughes himself
If there's a chance there's an afterlife when we die
Hope it's with you and I

So far, so good. Agreed, some of the next phrases boast innuendo. But the problem she had with the whole thing shows up in the chorus, below.

Some people might say I'm infatuated.
I don't care, cause they really don't know
They never see or hear the things I do
So far as I'm concerned they all can go to Hell.

There it is, right there. Hell. Wishing people to Hell. She felt the church wouldn't appreciate that sentiment. Even though I was kidding about the whole idea, I thought that a church resenting Hell seemed awfully strange. Maybe, because it sounds like a curse.
I guess it's OK when they do it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Racism is no 'card' game

Maybe, now, with all the 'noose sightings' around the country, the conservative media can retire the concept of a 'race card.'
First of all racism is not a game--an excuse to be pulled out to explain away a Black failing or crisis. Secondly, the race card concept was created by some "spinster" and is meant to ease the consciences of American Whites--by claiming that racism is dead. This, in the country that won't let Elvis die.
Racism is, obviously, alive, well--and not so underground in these United States. Whites are always 'So, surprised' and 'appalled.' Because it doesn't and couldn't affect you, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Best of luck on your journey , Mr. Obama.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

God's selective approval

I have, in the last year, been forced to end two long-term relationships with friends who previously described me using terms such as "soul mate, the only person who really cares about me, my best friend in the world," In one case, I rescued her from becoming homeless.
Despite these accolades and my heroics, each of these zealots have decided--and told me--that God only approves of their devout activities and couldn't possibly be rewarding mine. It was nice knowing you.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lest we forget...and, how soon!

I am always amused at the battle for or against immigration in these United States. Moreover, I am appalled at the nerve of any U. S. citizen to tell another to go back where he or she came from, if they don't like it here. How soon we forget! As best as I can remember,most of us are immigrants--willingly or not. The only true natives of this country, were primarily wiped out by greed, avarice and land-grabbing. I was curious to know what their opinions about the current immigration struggle might be. It inspired the accompanying illustration. Enough said!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The "WE" Method of Candidate Selection

I have, rarely, had the opportunity to cast a ballot for someone. It's usually against some idiot who eventually wins. Despite the outcome, my perception about the winner's shortcomings usually prove right (See George Bush, 'the nucular' president).
Never mind all the platitudes, debates,polls, surveys, and campaign rhetoric and spending. I ignore all of it. It's all hype and says nothing about the person.
My method of picking a candidate is very simple. When a candidate says "we," if I don't think he or she means me--no vote. It's been frustrating. But it, works everytime!
All those who voted for "W," please stand. Right!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Death to Three-peat Movies

The old adage about 'fool me once, fool me twice' applies to the third release of most, if not all, box-office bonanza movies. I no longer even consider going to see any of them.--The Indiana Jones series, being a surprsingly entertaining exception.

Boo to the Matrix 3, X-men 3, and particularly to the most recent release of Spiderman. Are you people kidding me? Marvel and the movie studio ought to donate half of the record proceeds to the Snake Oil Foundation for swindle victims and the other half to some religion. They are going straight to Hell.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My broken heart. Have to post it

Before I knew anything about a blog, I wrote this for myself. Catharsis. I am new at this--one week old--so forgive me, if it's bad form. I gotta do it.

Breaking up isn't that hard to do. Hurts? Yes. But in most cases, it's predictable, almost inevitable. The reasons usually have to do with the loss of sustained passion. You know that indescribable knot in the pit of your stomach, or the extra gallon of air that makes your chest swell when the beloved is around.

My heart broke , this year. On the tube.
After five exhilarating years devoting my Monday nights utterly and completely to Fox/TV's "24." I no longer care to watch it. The slow death is too painful. I knew it was coming. At the end of each season, I warned my son that the writers couldn't possibly maintain that level of excellence over the long pull. Five years, in itself, was remarkable. Obviously six years is impossible.

To see past episodes of the best show on TV for five years, click the picture:
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Here's my deal

From the outset let's understand that I am not a Cynic in the classic sense of the word--living by virtue. I'm not that egotistic. I do however fit the second definition about human conduct being motivated by self-interest. That said, don't ever expect to see any positive reviews about bottled water. In my opinion, bottled water is a hoax. Plain and simple. In fact, the companies tell you as much and you still pay them your hard earned dollars.

I will rarely, if ever, use this blog to recommend a product. That's left to the blogs I publish as a program affiliate. If I do say I like something, it's because I use it personally, have found it to be a good deal, or think it's a good idea in general. I will attempt to be clear on each position.

Everything here is my opinion. Think for yourself!

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So, what's to like?

• I don't like guns! Never did buy the 'guns don't kill people' argument. It's stupid, insulting and motivated by greed. I will instantly cast my lot with any candidate willing to stand up to the massive, powerful gun lobby. Just look at the rise of gun violence across the country at the hands of kids that don't even know they are alive, yet.

• People who know me believe I don't like cell phones. Not true. In the same fashion as above, I believe people talk too much, about nothing, simply because they have the phone all the time. I think the phones are fine for emergencies and the like. The one I own was given to me. It's unstable. If I were in the market for a cell phone I would look here
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•I like the idea of audio books.
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