Thursday, December 6, 2007

'Pantydates' duck guns--the main issue

So what's it going to take?

How many more people have to die by gunfire in order to get you outraged? How many mass murders have to happen before our representatives, at least, pretend to be moved and act.

Legislators have moved to make it unlawful to sponsor pranks over the internet. There is a major debate over illegal immigrants. The top idiot insists that Iran is a threat despite expert intelligence. Yet not one of these elected 'punks' dare take on the gun lobby. Especially, in an election year.

At the recent broadcast of the Republican Party debate, each of the potential 'pantydates' defended the ' absolute right" of Americans to bear arms: Their lips planted squarely on the backsides of gun lobby poo-bahs. Don't vote for one of them. Democrats don't get a pass on this. They are just as bad.

The object of government is to protect the people. Where is there a more potent issue than guns on our streets. People are dying in the streets-because of them.

Our children are getting them--with ease.
Yesterday, a depressed, hopeless 19-year-old, fired McDonald's worker walked into a mall in Omaha Nebraska and randomly opened fire on shoppers killing eight people and himself.

In April, a disturbed Virginia Tech student killed 32 people and himself.

The daily shootings in poorer neighborhoods aren't even included in the lists of mass shooting deaths. The response of choice to the smallest dispute, nowadays, is to shoot.

What is wrong with you people?

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