Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not-so-secret sales secret

I get so tired of people trying to sell me something. The television shows are down to 40 minutes--per-hour--with 20 minutes devoted to convincing you to buy the cure with worst side effects than your condition. Or, maybe you need to find the number that will let you sleep better.
And now it's spreading to the internet. Smaller and smaller javascript boxes inside of other popup frames figure if you linked to a page then you must want this or that product.
The one feature of all of this that so amuses me, is that these people offer money-back guarantees–with abandon.


The sales-folk found out that the average consumer is so lazy, so guilty that whether something works or not, a good majority won't bother to return the item. Once sold, it stays sold. Watch for it.

"There's one born....."

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