Friday, February 15, 2008

Gang of Blue: Worst in America

Alright, I'll take the bullet. The largest gang in America doesn't wear red or black headbands. It doesn't require members to tattoo a tear under their eye or rants against society on their shoulders. In sum it is more powerful than all the Crips, Bloods, Street Fighters put together.

The worst gang in America wears blue. That's right, I'm talking about police--the cops, the pigs, the man. These are the very people society depends on to protect us from the vermin and predators among us. It's a disgusting, hopeless and often thankless job. But somebody has to do it.

Too often, lately, and maybe because of up close association with the underbelly of society, these protectors cross the predator line. They consider themselves above the law simply because they are charged with enforcing it. They view everybody not wearing a badge as an adversary and potential life threat.

The most recent example? A Florida paraplegic who wouldn't 'get up out of the chair,' as instructed by police. He was summarily dumped on the floor. Who would have believed it? Thank God, for video cameras.

So far, three officers have only been suspended for this depravity. Whatever the excuse, I don't want these folks–with such lack of compassion–protecting me. They should be fired, if only for poor judgment.

For you badge-bearing folks, loading your guns and looking up my address, let me say right now that this article is not about all or even most law enforcement officials. It is aimed at the few.

I have the utmost respect for the challenge that you face daily. I couldn't do it. But, let's get real. You know exactly who among you meet the description in this article. Yet, even you are intimidated by a code of silence which threatens your life if you dare to break ranks. That, in itself, is despicable.

It's long been understood that the psychology of most who succeed at the job of protect and serve develop a Wyatt Earp syndrome. That is--a wild-wild West need to tame 'the bad guys,' using any means necessary. Every cop I have known, personally has a bully mentality--a self-righteousness that points them out in any conversation or interaction.

Maybe it's time to explore alternatives as suggested in the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still," The point being that in an advanced civilization, robots enforced the law--because beings are unable to do so, fairly. Hmm.

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