Monday, March 17, 2008

World without closet, Amen

There's nothing left in the closet to come out, thanks to the internet. Any possible fantasy, fetish, or possible disgusting lewd act is documented 24-hours a day on the worldwide web. And the most powerful instrument of this explosion is hand-held video cameras.

Without doubt, porn is the most popular content on the net. And, as a result of competition for subscribers, now nothing is sacred.

Let me be clear, that i no way am I a prude. I've got an active sex life, a vivid imagination and am extremely visual about my own fantasies. Thanks to the net, I have seen it all, am fulfilled–without risk of disease and dishonesty. That's a good thing.

I first became aware of the massive onslaught of porn content, innocently enough while looking for visual reference for an illustration. Somehow, I stumbled across a photo of a young girl sitting on a toilet. I was astounded. And,, yes, curious. I followed the link to a whole website and competition among college girls, skirt up, jeans and panties down--sitting on the pot.

Not that I know for sure, but these seemed to be average young girls, not professionals, who saw nothing wrong with exposing some of their most private moments to the world, simply because it was caught on film. Some attempted to cover their faces.. Granted, you couldn't see their privates. So most did the grin and bare it, funny faced look.Then went on about their business.

I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking about their parents. Is this what college teen girls were doing? I decided to Google the subject,, and for the first time noticed that the engine had a search-image link. Nirvana. Surely, they had some sort of limit.

With a simple toggle of the safe-search box, I was lead into the be-all and everything out world of pornography. Wow. Does this mean I can see......? Yep. And, what about that fantasy I had about.......... Yep! Do all the search engines have the same setup? You bet.

Without going into detail, I will say that I am a regular visitor to several of these sites for my own fantasies and even for a few of those that I didn't know I had. There are so many porn sites that the community has now developed a few popular porn search engines (Find them for yourself.)

Apparently, everything out in the open, is the price of freedom.
I am concerned, however, with what to do about the empty closet.

Let those without sin cast the first stone.

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