Sunday, October 21, 2007

Here's my deal

From the outset let's understand that I am not a Cynic in the classic sense of the word--living by virtue. I'm not that egotistic. I do however fit the second definition about human conduct being motivated by self-interest. That said, don't ever expect to see any positive reviews about bottled water. In my opinion, bottled water is a hoax. Plain and simple. In fact, the companies tell you as much and you still pay them your hard earned dollars.

I will rarely, if ever, use this blog to recommend a product. That's left to the blogs I publish as a program affiliate. If I do say I like something, it's because I use it personally, have found it to be a good deal, or think it's a good idea in general. I will attempt to be clear on each position.

Everything here is my opinion. Think for yourself!

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