Sunday, October 21, 2007

My broken heart. Have to post it

Before I knew anything about a blog, I wrote this for myself. Catharsis. I am new at this--one week old--so forgive me, if it's bad form. I gotta do it.

Breaking up isn't that hard to do. Hurts? Yes. But in most cases, it's predictable, almost inevitable. The reasons usually have to do with the loss of sustained passion. You know that indescribable knot in the pit of your stomach, or the extra gallon of air that makes your chest swell when the beloved is around.

My heart broke , this year. On the tube.
After five exhilarating years devoting my Monday nights utterly and completely to Fox/TV's "24." I no longer care to watch it. The slow death is too painful. I knew it was coming. At the end of each season, I warned my son that the writers couldn't possibly maintain that level of excellence over the long pull. Five years, in itself, was remarkable. Obviously six years is impossible.

To see past episodes of the best show on TV for five years, click the picture:
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