Sunday, October 21, 2007

So, what's to like?

• I don't like guns! Never did buy the 'guns don't kill people' argument. It's stupid, insulting and motivated by greed. I will instantly cast my lot with any candidate willing to stand up to the massive, powerful gun lobby. Just look at the rise of gun violence across the country at the hands of kids that don't even know they are alive, yet.

• People who know me believe I don't like cell phones. Not true. In the same fashion as above, I believe people talk too much, about nothing, simply because they have the phone all the time. I think the phones are fine for emergencies and the like. The one I own was given to me. It's unstable. If I were in the market for a cell phone I would look here
or I might try these brands of cells

•I like the idea of audio books.
They allow you to stay well read, even when you are on the move. You can rent them online, or own them by clicking the following links

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